“Syfy: Imagine Greater – I know I will”… or “Syfy – the KFC of Science Fiction Television”


Ok, I’ve been busy with work so I couldn’t weigh in on this until now, but I can hold my comments no more.

The move from Sci-Fi to SyFy is sorta like when Kentucky Fried Chicken had to change their name to KFC – ’cause they didn’t want to admit it was fried, it wasn’t from Kentucky and technically wasn’t even chicken…

Sci-Fi hasn’t done justice to the Science Fiction genre since long before the end of BSG (WWE!?) so why bother pretending they are anything but the harbinger for the ABSORBALOFT (cough – STARGATE – cough.) of actors from decent-though-canceled sci-fi shows And to fix it they’re thinking about dusting off the Alien Nation franchise? Aren’t there ALREADY about 150 versions of that nobody watches on HULU?

Now is the time for a REAL Science Fiction Network to step up and be the Google to their Microsoft…


Sorry, I think I just pulled a geek muscle there.

Go Cubs!

Ok, there we go.


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