The Author of My Mentality Dies – Rest in Peace, John Hughes…

Why is it that we never have a chance to lift up a person adequately while their alive?

John Hughes probably did more to single handedly shape the character of my consciousness than the church, my parents, and all my life’s educator’s combined. That may not be a good thing – let alone a sane thing.  Certainly not a thing my church, parents, and educators woud like to hear, but it is a thing in any case. 

Yet, I’ll never have a chance to tell his living body that, and even if I had I probably would not have.  I think we don’t lift people up when their alive the way we do when they die for a reason – Like Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer gloating over their own funeral, the weight of it would go to our heads and totally ruin us.

But you did well, John Hughes, and though I’ll never have the chance to tell you face to face, I hope to be able to influence as many lives as positively as you did, and to tell as many good stories as you did, and to get inadequately lifted up about it in my living years – just as you did. 

John Hughes dead at 59




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