What is the ladened air speed velocity of a carrier pigeon?

From Mashable  

“Finally, yesterday a company called Unlimited IT had sent a single 11-month-old pigeon, called Winston, from their offices near Pietermaritzburg to the coastal city of Durban with a data card strapped to his leg. The result? Two hours, six minutes and 57 seconds; by that time, only four percent of the same 4 GB was transfered over the Telkom (adsl) line.

The lesson? The Internet lines may be getting faster, but the memory card capacity is getting bigger even faster. If you need your data to travel fast, use a carrier pigeon.”

Really – what a great idea? Seriously mankind has built our civilizations and technologies to be out of balance with life – how great would it be to start incorporating the natural flow? More than strapping bombs to dolphins, that is. One step closer to a reality of a living technology without being the Beast awakened. Why not take it one step further and figure out a way to send data all over the world using natural migration patterns?  

Even better than burdening our friends the fowl, why not make tourists and truckers the mules? The literal highways that crisscross our nation are teeming with perpetual traffic. Why not place data carrying nodes in each vehicle like a card strapped to a carrier pigeon? Make the data smart enough to know where it needs to go and have it “hitchhike” over land from vehicle to vehicle wirelessly in a constant ebb and flow. It wouldn’t be too hard to fit each vehicle with a couple of gb of cache. We could call it DoRV. Data over RV!



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