Robot theme park may be real. Perfect time for me to remake Westworld.

For the record, I’ve been talking about my “re-imagining” of Westworld for many years now. So if somebody else out there pulls it off first I bite my thumb at thee.  Also I see a road trip in my family’s future. Look out Wadsworth here come the Millers! Anybody else want to go? Start saving now. 

Wire Stories Details

Via syfywire: 

Robot Land, set to open in Incheon, South Korea, in 2012, claims that it’s building “the world’s first theme park focused on robots with exhibition halls, robot experience hall, learning facilities and entertainment facilities.”

They claim there’ll be a robot aquarium, which will be a place “to watch and manipulate robot fish.” And that there’ll be “a robot restaurant, where robots serve, work as cashiers, and perform shows.”

It all sounds innocent enough, right? But you and I know what this really means—it’s the first step toward global robot domination!

We have to stop it before it’s too late. 

Plans for the Robot Land theme park in Masan, on South Korea’s South East Coast, have been gaining momentum since we first took note way back in 2007. According to Plastic Pals, a group of private investors recently met with the city council (probably Masan’s city council, as Robot Land’s city council has yet to be built) to hash out details, with the result of the government ponying up some $229 million of a promised $600 million. But not everyone is happy about all this — indeed, organizers of Incheon City’s robot theme park are unamused by the thought of a similar attraction competing for those hard-earned tourist dollars. Of course, there’s one way to settle any potential conflict that Engadget wholeheartedly supports: Robot theme park fight! Just as long as the winner doesn’t turn on us.
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