The Gutenberg, Jefferson’s Library, and now every single #FML tweet ever

Library of Congress to Preserve Tweets for Eternity:

Today the Library of Congress is announcingthat it’s doing its part to digitally preserve each and every public tweet since the beginning of time … err Twitter. It fittingly broke the news on Twitter earlier today.

As a federal cultural institution, the Library of Congress exists for research purposes, preserving every form of written word imaginable — and now that includes our tweets.

The institution deems tweets important and hopes to use the archives “to learn about ourselves and the world around us.”

Twitter further explains the news in its ownannouncement. Biz Stone writes that after a six-month delay, “Tweets will be used for internal library use, for non-commercial research, public display by the library itself, and preservation.”

The news is quite significant and reinforces the importance of the information we share in 140 characters or less. In many ways history can be relived through tweets, and now the Library of Congress can ensure that not a single character is lost in the sea of real-time information.

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