Here’s to being an ex-slacker working hard to look like an over-achiever | Happy National Look-Alike Day 4.20.10

Looks Like Four Twenty.

Did you know that every day has a name? At least it does according to the Oxford Press

At first inclination, one might assume that April 20th is the international official day of smoke clouds and a few extra trips to 7-11 to load up on Cheetos and frozen pizza other disgustingly delightful snacks. Well, my friends, 4/20 is much, much more than things that are only legal for medicinal purposes (which I know absolutely nothing about, scouts’ honor).  

April 20th is, at least unofficially, National Look-Alike Day. 

So to pay tribute to such a ridiculous unofficial day, I’ve scoured the corners of the web for some tragically awesome look-alikes. Here are a few of my favorite celebrity look-alikes as harvested by the fine folks over at Totally Looks Like. Who are your favorite look-alikes? And are you lucky (or unlucky) enough to have an obvious doppelganger? 

I’m not sure which I find funnier, the Bob Ross Microphone or the Lindsay Lohan Gollum.


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