A VideoSong with rules – no lip sync (instruments or voice). Messy but beautiful.

This inspires me to do more recording. I loved the process of sitting down with my acoustic and GarageBand to crank out a quick song. I had not realized how much musical expression is a part of me – a part that I’ve been starving. I don’t have any dreams of being a “recording star.” I only want to make music to be able to express myself and maybe later enjoy it again.

Honestly that’s how I feel about MOVIES as well – and storytelling in general. I love it so much I want to enjoy my own versions of it. It’s just so hard to make high quality video alone or with only a few people. Then we feel all this pressure to make it “sell” at festival or whatever and forget that it is the process of healing recorded that enables the audience to heal… Well, perhaps that’s too rhapsodic, but you get the point.

We get so hung up on the popularity aspect of creative works that we forget that working creatively is therapy. Consuming it can be too, which is why we’re all so nutzo for books, movies, tv, music, games, etc… We are aware that we need healing and those creative salves are the closest thing we have to something that will work.

I just love that I can feel the full range of human emotion in a song or acting a part and be excused to do so. The above video shows that when making noises that are attached to emotion, it can be weird looking – not like an MTV music video, and I love that. The full range of human expression is messy but beautiful.

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