Posterous unveils Pages! Now I can officially turn off my wordpress and blogger accounts…

We are pleased to announce a feature that has been in the works for quite some time: Pages! You’ve asked for it, and it’s here.

We’re really excited about pages, so we’d like to give a brief overview of what you can do with this powerful new feature.

What are pages?
They’re separate web pages that live on your Posterous site. For example, you can create an “About Me” page, to tell your viewers about yourself, and a “Contact” page, to give your viewers information about how best to contact you.

When you create pages, they usually appear on your site as primary navigation.



How do I create a page?
You can create a page using our web editor, just like you would a post. From your manage page, you will see a new tab called “Pages”. Within that pane, there will be a button to “Create page by web”. Clicking this button will bring you to the web editor.





We decided to use the same great editor that you are already using for posts. This means you can edit rich text, upload any media, and add and edit photo galleries. All of the cool features that we’ve created for posts—like link auto-expansion and syntax highlighting—come along for the ride with pages.



Here is how the page looks on my blog:



If this is your first page, we will also create a special page called “Home”. This will link to your list of posts so your viewers can get back to it if they are looking at one of your other pages. You can rename this page, or even delete it if you’d like.



After you have saved your page, you can edit it any time by going back to your manage page. 

You can easily re-arrange and delete your pages from your manage page. Simply drag the handle on the left of a page to re-arrange, or click on the red “X” to delete.



We allow you to create a page that redirects to a static URL. You may want to do this if you want to add a link to one of your social networks, or to a page tTo do this, simply click on the “Page Options” tab, and add a URL where it says “Redirect to:”. When your visitors click on a link to a redirect page, they will be redirected to the URL you specified.



Home Page
Your list of posts no longer has to be your home page. You can assign any of your pages to be your home page (as long as it’s not a redirect). To do this, click on the “Advanced Options” link on your manage page. Select one of your pages and click “Save”. 



Pages are supported by all of our built-in themes on day one. This means that you shouldn’t have to worry about which theme you are using to add pages to your site.

If you are using a custom theme on your site, or if you are planning to design a theme, you will need to add support for pages manually. We have made it easy to add support for pages with new theme tags and blocks. Please refer to our theming reference for more details.

As always, we really hope you like this new feature. If you have any problems getting started with pages, feel free to email





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