Can creeping your Facebook friends get you a job? SimplyHired reveals FB employment history-Suddenly your job doesn’t seem so bad. has made it possible for you to see what jobs are available where your Facebook friends work – not to mention making it easy for you to see _where_ your friends work.  Does this herald a new era in Facebook Creeping for Employment?

There is no doubt that networking is a great tool that anyone can use to help their job search (#RUnetwrkng?) and social media has emerged as a valuable tool, both for finding new contacts with whom to network and for extending networking conversations online.  LinkedIn, for example, has emerged as a great new way for recruiters and job seekers to connect – and job seekers are learning the value of nurturing mentor and connection relationships to provide for recommendations and introductions that can lead to job interviews – but can the culture and tradition surrounding the use of Facebook adjust and do the same? already has integration with LinkedIn as well, but is the world of Facebook really ready to grow up and take the place of LinkedIn for job seekers?

There are many ways social media and the web have made the job search easier – is one example of the many tools that are now at the disposal of users everyday.  Using those tools effectively, however, often requires a second layer of thinking that many job seekers don’t automatically do.  Connecting with a University Career Center, Career Advisor, or Mentor can give some great insight for using these tools effectively – such as understanding the value of Twitter or Facebook as resources for doing company research prior to applying to interview for a position.

For some time now, however, the common refrain from many career advisors and centers alike has been “Manage your privacy settings on Facebook, try not to end up regretting those Texts/Tweets From Last Night (TFLN), and what ever you do make sure your Chatroulette! sessions stay off YouTube – but network and job seek using a fully developed professional profile on LinkedIn.”  Could it be that this new integration between SimplyHired and Facebook will change all that?  Clearly Facebook is interested in having you use it for nearly everything you do online – or at least Facebook wants to know everything you do online, but can it build a culture that will suit The Suits? And do your Facebook friends really have jobs at places you would want to work?

A quick scan of this author’s friends’ jobs as listed on Facebook and displayed on reveals an inordinate number friends that work for a company called “Freelance,” a few folks who work for “Rockin the Unemployment Line,” one “Chief Funk Officer at Funkatron Industries,” and someone who works for “Happy Husband and Father.” The general atmosphere of Facebook has traditionally (Really?  Traditionally?  Since 2004?  Really?) been made of lighter fare – and the way we fill out our profiles there generally reflects that.  Facebook was a place to go when you didn’t want to work (Facebooking Productivity) or be serious (Farmville and Mafia Wars updates under control?) but is that all starting to change? If it does, will you change the way you are on Facebook, or just go someplace else?  Are you using LinkedIn and Facebook in different ways?  Will you make use of this SimplyHired feature or does it count as creeping in your book? Let us know!

For more info on using social media in the job search, connect with the DePaul Career Center and register for the FREE workshop “Get Connected: Social Media and the Job Search.”




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