Watching Ricky Van Veen From College Humor via #mashablesummit Blown away by his smarts RE: online video/entertainment period.

Watch live streaming video from mashable at

Some real gems if you can watch the archived clip of Ricky Van Veen. I’m assuming it is going to prove to have been the single most valuable presentation on the future of digital media (video on the web/tv) and was tremendously blown away by how utterly USEFUL the information was and how intelligent he himself appeared to be. Especially compared to Len Berman who followed him. ZERO useful information from him.

It’s a real shame that most people watching the live stream are just now tuning in and missed his presentation. Loved Van Veen’s POV that videos go viral because people want to share – and that they want to share because doing so is hard wired to the process of self identification. His “myths” are full of valuable information for anyone interested in producing web video content and I highly recommend watching.

Watch the live event here:


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