Things They Worked Hard to Teach are Useless Now – What Will be Useless Next?

I did not go to high school too long ago. My memories are dated, I know. For example the Nicolas Cage of my better memories is from, say, Valley Girl



– or even Raising Arizona rather than say, Con Air or National Treasure. I mean – really what happened?




I guess I don’t blame him for the work on the hair and the teeth and the hair – I’m sure he is just running from all those awful images of an older, broken down self from say Peggy Sue Got Married or even Leaving Las Vegas – I mean who of us wants to get old?

Which brings me back to high school – I did not go to high school so long ago that my memories are irrelevant – let alone my education and skills, right? I mean, I’m not my grandpa’s generation always complaining about these “new fangled devices” – I’m an Early Adopter for pete’s sake. (Though I never even once heard my dad’s dad say anything like that – I mean he even had a VCR and knew how to program it and everything.)


My high school gym teacher on the other hand did not seem to like technology much. I know this because my gym teacher was also my driver’s ed instructor – who was also my typing teacher. That’s right I said typing teacher. He was a typing teacher who refused to call the topic he was teaching keyboarding despite the fact that the lessons we were stumbling through as he stood task master over us were completed on computers – not typewriters – for the first time in his tenure. No matter – he was going to make sure we suffered in learning.

“Wrists up!” he would yell when we got lazy and rested the heels of our palms at the base of the keyboard. It was no different than a workout for him. What we typed was irrelavent until it was time for the all important race. Determining the speed and accuracy of his class was like passing judgement on him. So he pushed us, poked us, prodded us, belittled us – he pulled out every trick his gym teaching experience had to give. 


What is my point in my telling all of this? After the hours of anxiety and pressure put upon us and tons of others – here I sit working on this blog – typing on a keyboard smaller than the ten key number pad on those tall, loud, plastic dinosaurs we worked on WAY back in the late 80’s. Where my wrists are is irrelevant now – as I am using only two thumbs to write this blog. Should I mis-type a word – the sotware will auto-correct – most of the time. And so those hours I spent pushing my fingers, brain and wrists to perform (as I am an obsessive people pleaser at heart) have become useless after not much time.

And this process is not new – Latin is no longer taught in schools (though it probably should be) and even the propensity we have toward being particular about proper English is passing, IMHO – LOL.  

What else are you finding is useless now?

To all of you current students and all of you graduating seniors – what do you predict will be useless next?


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