Found New Site Mashup / Amazing Use of Twitter / Puts Flickrs to Words #haiku

Parses #haiku on Twitter and matches the lines with photos from Flickr.
APIsFlickr + Twitter Tagsart, haiku, microblogging, photo, poems, visualization
Mashup of the Day Added 02 Jul 2009 Who PHPjoel [Profile]


I just can’t get enough of this. This mashup is exactly the kind of coordination that should be happening for the emergence of the semantic web – and exposes the simple genius held in notions of tagging, meta-tagging, and generally sorting this lump of otherwise nonsense called the web into meaningful connections.

I’ve also started a blog for anyone who wants to publish poetry. will publish your poems, just email them to today!

Tweet them too!


One thought on “Found New Site Mashup / Amazing Use of Twitter / Puts Flickrs to Words #haiku

  1. Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you enjoy #haiku.I haven’t worked on it much lately, as it was initially a proof-of-concept, but I may – as it does get some net-attention once in a while.I had flickr api code burning a hole in my server, then I found that people were tweeting poems with the #haiku tag.. A little inspiration from some haiku-loving friends, and haiku.thehempcloud was created.I think that it’s a neat way to think about the poem. It almost provides another point of view to the poet’s intentions.cheers.

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