Have you ever seen a sign like this before? Taking lessons from Apple and Facebook on customer service: Photo


It wasn’t that long ago that the customer was always right.  Those care free days of the seller bending over backward – going out of their way to make sure that you, the customer, got what you needed without too much trouble (as long as they could make a bundle off of giving it to you.) I suppose we squandered that – took advantage of that prime position of being lavished while being taken advantage of.  So much for free drinks from a sleezy date.

Now is the age of the customer always doing it wrong.  “It’s not our fault your phone doesn’t work – you’re just not holding it right” or “It’s not our fault you don’t know how to manage a few dip switch inspired privacy settings to keep your grandma from seeing your status updates about slurping tequila from the naked midriff of some young thing – you’re just not managing your online presence right.”

I suppose it is justice.  The customer couldn’t have always been right – otherwise there would have been fewer disgruntled postal workers, or these days disgruntled Jet Blue Airline stewards. Eventually, we all must have known, someone must be wrong.  Who better for it to be these days than consumers? After all, it is our turn – we’ve been “always” right for so long…


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