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Every business that operates in the social realm these days has this in common – every one of their employees have amassed tons of links into personal bookmark folders that do exactly nobody any good except themselves.

You’ll hear us say at the DBmill that the future of the web is semantic – that means it knows about what it is talking about – data about data or metadata can help organize everything from shoes to vendors.  But getting metadata in and out of your employees bookmarked browser pages is usually not the highest priority on the minds of a company interested in making in-roads on the Social Media Super Highway – yet it should be.

Your employees are a treasure trove of knowledge.  Safeguard that treasure by organizing it, tagging it, and displaying it where it can become shared.  Doing so allows for your company to become known as a repository of special knowledge, but also increases (in some cases) inbound links to your site which is a fantastic way to boost your standings in the Great Google Race to the Top of the Search Results Page.

It also allows you to participate in the future of the semantic web.  By organizing things you find on the web into packets of usefulness that your clients or customers can easily see and share, you are helping to make sense of this vast repository of information we call the emerging semantic web.  

Of the various sites out there that allow you to organize and tag your links and share them with the world – the official DBmill recommendation (as of the writing of this post) is, a startlingly simple solution for the problem at hand.

How to get started?  There are myriad of time saving tools that have evolved out of the delicious platform, not the least of which includes the ability to sync your browser bookmarks right into your delicious account.  

Need more information on how to use Delicious?  Check out these tips from Associated Content – a link dutifully tagged and shared at my own Delicious site:

Want some help setting it all up?  Send us an email today – 





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