How has #socialmedia changed the daily lives of these guys?(pic)


There is a social media bubble. By that I don’t mean the kind of bubble like the housing bubble or the dot com bubble – the kind of bubble that is usually about money.

I mean bubble as an insulating force – like “homeschool bubble” or the kind of bubble that describes most American perspectives on global happenings.

Take the two guys above as example. Aside from the kicks the fellow on the right is rockin this pair could be from any time. The cain. The rolled up newspaper. The hat. The obvious debate they’re having – likely over something in the rolled up newspaper. That paper and the discussion – that’s likely as close to social media as these men get. They are outside the social media bubble.

Of all the cultures and communities I’ve been able to be a part of – social media has the largest tendency for groupthink next to the church. Everyone inside tends to operate as though the whole of the world operates under the same assumptions – myself included.

I think that is one of the inherent dangers of the narrowcasting possible via social tools. @rww mentions something similar as the reason to check the demographics of those you follow or attend conferences with here:

How to Use Mechanical Turk to Rock Conference Blogging

Personally I just try and lift my head from the social stream every now and again – and engage with my family or observe the world that doesn’t live inside the social media bubble with due respect.


3 thoughts on “How has #socialmedia changed the daily lives of these guys?(pic)

  1. Of course, in the process of writing this on my mobile phone, I nearly missed a train stop, missed a bus stop, and looked up just in time to avoid the coke slushi being thrown at me from a moving car. Good thing that bubble was there, otherwise I’d have been sticky.

  2. One the one hand, yes, I absolutely agree. On the other… there are many statistics showing that social media usage is growing among this age group and even people older than these guys. I actually think the groupthink is more an issue of similar ages, socioeconomic, geographic and professional groups. For instance, I might find that all 25-year old graphic designers in Chicago in a certain income bracket think very similarly and it’s not because they’re all on Twitter 🙂

  3. Great point, Anna – did I forget to exclude all Chicagoans from the dangers of groupthink? 😉 I love that the bubble seems to be expanding to include a wider array of people – Twitter itself is reported to have a very high rate of penetration in Brazil – but if all one ever follows are Americans… Plus those two guys on the train are classic aren’t they? Anyway – cheers!

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