The Girl Walks Alone and So Do I #dadstalking

By and large there’s not much about parenting that makes sense. To start with you’d think our species to have survived because it evolved the skills to know exactly where and when parenting would begin. We know this is not true. If there is one common theme of parenting it is quite the opposite – unpredictability.

That being said there are certain things that do make sense – toddlerhood is one. It makes sense they are called toddlers – just look at what they do to get around. I like that. I like knowing that at least one thing about parenting makes sense, if only for the few brief years of toddlerhood.

But not just that – I love seeing all over again, as I did with my son (who is now six and not a toddler but a negotiator) how our worlds are framed at a very young age by the necessary trappings of being. We as adults say to “walk the walk” and “watch our step” and “start off on the right foot” as though we were born understanding it intimately.

One look at a toddler is all it takes to remind me that it was not the case. And though I have the grace and functioning legs to walk a steady pace I will always be learning to walk and walk alone.


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