“You know you’re dadEnough when” – Vegas Edition

What follows is a post I started a few weeks ago at BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas. I was so blown away by the quality of the sessions that it has taken me this long to process most of it. “You know you’re dadEnough when” – Vegas Edition


This is my first edition of the series I’m building called “You know you’re dadEnough when” and I’m excited about them. So here we go. “You know you’re dadenough when…”

1. Wheels down in sunny Las Vegas at swank hotel and the first thing on the TODO list is to poop without being interrupted to see the latest greatest lego build. (love the lego builds BTW and will totally allow poop intrusion to see them, just nice to have a change.)

2. Second in the order of working vacation priority is to take a bath – yes, a bath – also without floating legos all around and also without intrusion. 3. Your primary preoccupation is not “how much can I afford to spend at the tables” but rather “how do I mimic Facetime with the kids at bedtime using just an iPhone 3Gs and no forward facing camera” – (hint: mirrors are great…)

4. While wandering the strip in vegas, you’re eyes are more drawn by the things you would point out to your kids than the scantily clad dancers (and tourists) or eye popping neon…mostly. 5. No matter how lost you get in the smoke infested maze of casino craziness with no windows or clocks and oxygen rich air, you still manage to instinctively sense “bedtime.”

Ever travel for work? Been on the road away from the fam? What was your experience?


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