Dads: are you stuck in your “man box?” Break free. VIDEO-Tony Porter’s TEDtalk:

This subject has been so near to my heart of late.  I’ve been doing some volunteer work for a small NFP called Women of the World – dedicated to the eradication of violence against women.  They needed some mentoring for their interns to help them determine a better web strategy, so I’m working with them to help their website and social media efforts. 

Another reason that I felt compelled to volunteer to do the work is that I feel exactly as Tony Porter has outlined in the video below – as though I need to be set free.  As a man, as a dad, as a son and brother and husband. There have been expectations placed on men through time that make that freedom difficult.  I have been so bothered by how to approach raising my son to survive in the “man box” world, but also wanting desperately to provide a world without those expectations.  I know my dad felt the same – only recently have I discovered how that could have been so, after being a dad myself – but struggled admirably to complete the task as well. 

Maybe we are at a moment in history that will allow us to do that.  Maybe not.  I’ll stop rambling and play the video where Tony Porter says it far better than I ever could have.  What do you think, parents?  Can we do this?


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