A Tale of Two Dougs

What you see below was written by Doug MIller – Just not THIS Doug MIller.

From time to time, I remind students I interact with at DePaul University via Career and Money Management to make sure to understand the depth and breadth of their online presence. 

In the process of checking my own name, I came upon this man who has an obviously different take on social media than I do. 

Grape expectations

By Doug Miller
Posted: January 26, 2011


After batting out these posts for a couple of years now (and still uncertain as to what this thing is all about), I finally have met face-to-face with some actual bloggers. They weren’t near as geeky as I thought they’d be. In fact, I’d say their social skills are well above average.

Tom Coale, who does the HoCo Rising blog, e-mailed me after seeing my column of Jan. 13, inviting me to come out and meet him, Dennis Lane (Tales of Two Cities) and Sarah Husain (Sarah Says) for drinks. Seems they were perplexed and a little hurt by my attitude. In retrospect, I understand why.

But now I think they understand me a little better, too. Physical conversation is good for that, which we all forget at times.

Without rehashing the whole episode, it all started with my last post here, which led to a Sarah Says post in reaction, which prompted me to muse in print and online in the aforementioned column about some of the pitfalls of technology.

We were talking at each other, rather than to each other, and Coale suggested we change that. I agreed to meet him and the others at the Iron Bridge Wine Co. on Route 108 Tuesday night.

During this “wine summit” (ever the contrarian, I had Scotch) we talked about modern media, local politics, day jobs, personal tidbits, home towns and the like. There was no particular agenda beyond getting to know each other. I think that’s why I enjoyed myself so much. These are smart, engaging people who, like me, like to write.

I shared with them my quirky views on technology, and to their credit, they didn’t try to convince me that I’m wrong not to have a cell phone.

But even though I probably won’t ever be constantly scanning the blogosphere, I’ll undoubtedly check in from time to time to see what these folks have to say online.

Personal contact can be an amazing thing.

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