Spot on, except more media production/strategy/meetings. “What do Social Media Managers Do All Day? [Infographic]”


Gotta love these info graphics. There’s something about putting information into easy to scan boxes that just makes my heart sing. Add some graphs and flow charts and maybe a live pulse of user sentiment and you’ve got a date.

One thing I notice about this that is also lacking per what I have noticed needs to be done: strategy and meetings.

You can’t run tech without buy-in and you can’t have buy-in without meetings. This is especially true in Higher Education.

All in all a fairly accurate representation of the “always on” kind of life that a social media professional must anticipate. Thank goodness for smart phones, eh?

Oh, and BTW – if you are like me and fall into that “over ten years experience” category, you’ve probably got kids like I do and that isn’t mentioned in here anywhere…plus I don’t get up at 5:30am.

In fact, I think we should make another infographic for the “married with kids social media pro”, eh Parent Bloggers?


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