Non Profit Fundraising Through Entertainment #rant


We need a centralized network of content creation streams that topically have nothing to do with a charity but the proceeds of which do. Hulu for charities where folks watch something like LOST because they love it for being entertaining, but they know their act of watching directly benefits a charity – even choose it from a dropdown.

NFPs need to get into employing writers, gaffers, costumers, cinematographers. Stars will donate their time for free as a write off or community service penance or work for scale- to draw audiences by being in good shows. Not to make moving calls for support or boring and depressing calls to action – to make entertaining television shows. NFP’s need to start training themselves to be producers of entertaining scripted content that people will watch – because it is good, not because it supports a cause. Businesses will buy air time for commercials because the audiences are there. NFPs use the money for people not for profit.

Seriously. This is not rocket science. We can put folks on the moon but we can’t get it together enough to sell entertainment for a charity’s sake?

UPDATE: Here’s my presentation resulting from this rant…



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