“Online On-Purpose” a 10-slide introduction to Personal Digital Strategy. #in

I’ve been working for some time trying to boil down the basics of using social media strategies and tactics in personal brand development.  The result is that I have turned it into paperwork! AH! I know.  But it should help folks get a handle on some things and often times it is just best to see it all in front of you.
The Personal Digital Strategy Document (PDSD) is a loose collection of information about your person online. Where you are, where you are not, where you should be, and what you want to say. It is essentially the research phase of something I call the Personal Digital Strategy Statement (PDSS.)
All of this information is covered in depth in person or via the workshops I’m creating for DePaul. I’m also working on a syllabus for a course that would step students through the Personal Digital Strategy process a bit more programatically.  
Questions? Comments?  Let me know…

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