Networking for working parents? What would that look like? #dadstalking


I gotta say, I really love the whole #dadsTalking phenomenon. The hashtag, the blogging community, etc. I especially loved getting to meet a few of the dads at BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas last year. There’s even a possibility that I might be able to go next year too. But the thing I like about Twitter and the #dadsTalking model is that it fills a hole in the modern business world – at least one I perceive – parent friendly networking.

I work in Social Media professionally. Like most other communities in the tech world, there are a plethora of networking opportunities, for which I am very grateful and in which I have much interest. The problem I have noticed is this – so many of those networking events seem to be set up for young, single, urbanites. I stress the young only in so far as the events involve alcohol and for those of us with a few years under our belts who have to count calories lest there is more of us hanging over our belts, this can be counterproductive. Likewise, I say single only from the point of view that it is terribly hard to coordinate child care sometimes – let alone simply managing time away from the second shift full time job that is parenting. Let alone the fact that I actually enjoy spending time with them and miss it when I can’t – for any reason.

I’m sure there are folks out there who have it worse, so I don’t want to gripe too much.

I just want to ask simply what parent friendly networking events might best look like?


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