@KCRW Presents: Underworld [video] – Slick looking and sounds great. THX to @KateGardiner for curating via @douglasLmiller


I love KCRW. In fact, there are days I feel like the only things I miss about Los Angeles since having moved to Chicago are (in order of growing importance):

  • In-and-Out burgers 
  • Winters w/rain and mudslides and not piles of snow and sub-zero 
  • KCRW

The fact that they are now working with such quality video signal as great for my eyes, but murder on my DSL from AT&T.

Add Underworld to the mix and you’ve got a recipe for joy that has me thinking life’s not so bad here in Chicago without In-and-Out – after all it was 80 in April last weekend…

Things are looking up…



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