My new goal: Breaking with Twitter Tradition. Won’t you join me?


In the early days it was follow and be followed. Then the scammers arrived. Follow me, sure. That’s ok. Just don’t expect an automatic follow back. Suddenly the dynamics shifted. Suddenly it became a game of gurus and celebrity.

“How many today?” That was the question. What’s my “true reach” became it’s logical end. Suddenly we each became our own little ratings acolytes. Measure it! Measure it again! Hit refresh and tell me how many follow me compared to how many I follow. A million? Only following one? There – that’s a ‘caster with true value in the ‘verse.

No more. Not today. Not for me. From now on I pledge to ALWAYS be following more than follow me.

I pledge to be the true curator I set myself up to be. How can I be trusted to curate the good from the Infinite Pile that is the web to those too tired, overwhelmed, overworked, undersupplied, or confounded to do it on their own? How can that be true if I am overly concerned that my followers outnumber those I follow.

From now on, never be the smartest person you know. Want to be a trusted curator in my book? Do so by pledging to ALWAYS follow more than follow you – and help me help those in my ‘verse through the Infinite Pile to the good they need the most exactly when they need it. Won’t you join me?


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