Two ways to help jobseekers use Twitter for company research & career development, one of which without joining Twitter:

Twitter is more than just a social network, it is a powerful tool for company research and a great way to listen in on the conversations thought leaders in many industries are having.

One of the ways we’ve encouraged students at DePaul University to leverage Twitter is by maintaining a list of “Career Tweeps” that students can explore in order to find more folks on Twitter (besides us) who tweet out valuable information regarding career development. Beyond that, students are encouraged to do research on the specific companies they want to work for by searching for them on Twitter.

Check out one list of “Career Tweeps” here:


There are a number of tools that help folks search for Twitter users who tweet about specific topics or industries, besides just searching Twitter itself. You can use Listorious for example, or WeFollow.

Beyond reaching out to recruiters or Alumni contacts on Twitter (please do so with tact) it is a great tool for understanding what thought leaders from particular industries are talking about. Twitter is best, after all, when used as both a listening and communicating tool. Folks who are interested in getting started using Twitter for career development purposes can do a lot without ever even tweeting (though even more once it is determined what to tweet about, but that’s a different post.)

One of the other ways we have facilitated students getting started on Twitter is by providing an option for students who are interested in finding out about the conversations happening on Twitter and the information being shared there to do so without having to create a Twitter account.

We do this by using the services provided by Twitter powered startup and publishing the “Career Info on Twitter Today” virtual newspaper. This aggregates information shared by the folks we follow using the @depaulcareerctr Twitter account and displays it all as an easy to read (and subscribe to) newspaper – all via the web for anyone with a browser; Twitter user or not.

Check out “Career Info on Twitter Today” here:


Folding any new tool into your toolbox for job search and career development can seem daunting at first. Understanding the culture of these new social tools prior to engaging in conversation and networking there can be as important as understanding the culture and expectations of a company you are interested in working at prior to interviewing with them. It is for that reason Twitter can be such a useful tool in taking a reading of that company culture, and we try to make it easy for folks interested in using Twitter as a tool to understand that culture too.  

What more would you like to know about using Twitter?

Stay tuned for our upcoming workshops – free for DePaul folks – about using Twitter and LinkedIn in the best ways.



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