Why I wish I had 8 arms while pretending to be a dad instead of being a dad pretending to have 8 arms: @Octodad reviewed


Seriously, how many times as a dad have you literally wished to have 8 arms?

Sort of not really now that I’ve tried OCTODAD.

I’m not a gamer. I’m not a game designer either. Those two elements might make it seem like I’m the least likely person to be talking about a new game designed by some students at DePaul University, but maybe not. After all, I am a dad. That, and I am widely know as having an obscure sense of humor. I think those two things alone make me a perfect candidate to test out this new game.  

It’s kind of cool. Like I said, I have been known to have an obscure sense of humor, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I kept giggling as I was playing because the constant thought of a creature with no bones trying to walk around in a suit was hilarious to me. Plus the squishy sound effects really helped that.  

The game was actually kind of hard to pick up, especially the first few screens that gave a tutorial seemed confusing and almost intimidated my “need arrow key to move” gaming sensibilities. Like I said, I’m not a gamer, so if you want me to spend time, it better be easy to pick up. I did stick with it though, as I would recommend anyone do, and once I got the hang of the “to do” lists in the room, the tasks seemed a little less “well I’m here, what do I do next.” (Duh, it’s a “to do” list.) 

Anyway, like I said, stick with it and I’m sure you find it to be great fun and a cool way to spend some time with the kids (my 7 year old picked it up pretty fast too.)

Best part (this is where the “dad” portion really drives home) is that the game was FREE to download. Yes, free! Anyway, for now it is. Version 1 anyway.  They’re hoping to raise some funds to make another version. Maybe you can help out with that too?  

Did you play the game? What was your experience? Did you like it? Are you more of a gamer than I am? Do you share my obscure sense of humor? Let me know!

Until next time, good luck being dadEnough



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