Making a Business Page for Google+? This is the only thing I got confused by:

If you are like me, your job involves a certain amount of experimentation with new tools. This sometimes leads to flying blind and there are times permanent mistakes can occur.

Luckily, with Google+, Google has created a great FORUM for support and there are USERS of G+ from Google who seem more than willing to help, but some times it is nice to hear from your peers directly what kinds of problems to look out for.

Though I’m far from an expert on Google+, I did have to make a page for a business today, and I wanted to share my experience with you in case it is helpful.

First up as you create a page, make sure to login first using a real person’s G+ account.

I know, I know – you have multiple administrators, what if that one person is hit by a bus, can’t I just use a dummy account with a name like “Joe Mybusinessname” and share the password? Rest assured Google is aware of your voices and I predict solutions are coming – and this should be nothing new to you since Facebook and LinkedIn ask the same thing of you.

My advice is to use that personal account and have faith that Google will allow transfer of administration at some point.

Now that you have created your page you need to fill out the rest of the profile, a step which may not be obvious to everyone.

You’ll see the Edit Profile button in the top right of the “Profile” tab of your new page.

The tabs are the little images at the top and the “Profile” tab looks like a grey avatar in a circle.

Don’t forget to add links to your favorite other sites, and make sure to upload four or five images to round out the visuals too.

Many of us have done this part a number of times for various profiles, so this all will not be terribly new.

The only thing I found confusing and not immediately intuitive involved logging BACK in as the page after swapping over to my personal account for a few minutes. I panicked for a mite that I’d made the wrong choice to attach it to my personal account and the help forums at Google showed others did too. But the answer is simple once you find it and I’ve added some screen shots to help.

First find your avatar (upper left)…


To the right of it you’ll see a drop down box with pages:


Once you select your page you’ll get a not at the top of your browser letting you know your settings have changed and you can now do G+ as your page:


One last thing to note: 

I was in Chrome and able to be doing G+ for myself in one window and for my page in another window simultaneously, so make sure that you check your settings before you circle a new account or make a posting.

I have not tried Hangouts in page mode yet – that is the next post to come. Stay tuned.

What are your thoughts?

Now to go re-post this in G+ 😉




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