Post MLK weekend wrap-up


My picks for the weekend were obviously not accounting for the enduring allure of Marky-Mark. Or something. My guess was that the premiere weekend of Contraband would fold into a larger slow-down of post-holiday tickets sales nation-wide. I guess folks were more anxious to get out for a date than I expected.

I took a look at The Shooter and some other similar films from Mr. Wahlberg and didn’t se any compelling evidence that his newest film would do well enough to upset what I expected to do the best – Beauty and the Beast re-released in 3D.

Twitter was buzzing about it and folks seemed keen to see it. There was much organic traffic for it on Twitter, but Disney paid for some promoted tweets too.

Date night it was, I’m assuming, as the demographic that Contraband would have pulled in is so largely the opposite of the demographic targeted with Joyful Noise, also making its debut over the holiday weekend.

My assumption was that Joyful Noise would appeal to a broad market, yes. It appeals to the same market as the “Glee” film released not long ago, along with some of the fans of “Tyler Perry” films as well as those interested in “Church” related films, yes. Despite the wide possible array of folks who could have been interested, my assumption was that it was so obviously crap that many would steer clear and it wouldn’t break the top three.

The re-release of the Lion King in 3D went very well, so the assumption was that the MLK release of 3D Beauty and the Beast would dominate the box office for the holiday weekend, pulling in crowds from a similar wide array. Nostalgia for the original, new kids who have never seen the story, and fans of musicals in general would give the film some draw, and therefore I predicted it would dominate the box office. Plus most kids were out of school on Monday which made for greater chance to see an uptick in overall gross on Sunday. 

I predicted the weekend thusly for Saturday and Sunday:


Beauty and the Beast 10m


Contraband 8m


Mission Impossible 7.5m


Joyful Noise 7m



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