Evernote and Android: Why I’m not nervous about blogging from #SXSW using unfamiliar tools I’ve not tested:

From Evernote:

Why I’m not nervous about blogging from #SXSW using unfamiliar tools I’ve not tested:


We made travel plans for my first SXSW nearly a year ago. At that time I thought "WOW, I’ll be perfecly set to blog from there, I’ve got my iPhone3Gs, my iPad2, and a Bluetooth Apple Keyboard. I had become so used to blogging using the digital keyboard on the iPad via Blogsy that I only used the bluetooth keyboard when blogging on the phone. I was getting into some good writing habits and really just using my travel time well.

Just a few short weeks after that, my iPad2 was stolen from my office in the seven minutes I had gone to get a Mt. Dew.

Life goes on, certainly, and the woes of a lost gadget are essentially trivial in the bigger picture. I had tracked the pad to an address south of Chicago and contacted the police there to see if it might be possible, with this new "find my iOS device" technology to retrieve the device prior to my having to wipe my data from it remotely, but they could not or would not.

So I leaned more heavily on my iPhone 3Gs and bluetooth keyboard to get the job done and felt confident I could still manage at SXSW, holding the hope that I could get the pad replaced before going . It really wasn’t so hard as I hadn’t had the pad for too long so I just re-aquainted myself with using "Documents’ by Savvy Soda to build the text of a blog and copy/paste to get it into a blog (or email THEN blog in the case of my Posterous.)

Then my iPhone began to act up, shutting off and refusing to reboot at only 48-52% battery, and when that happened, my productivity took a MAJOR hit.

But, you pick up the pieces and move forward, right?

I struggled with the lame duck phone for a few weeks while looking for options, finding out about the "iPad3" coming out (the " NEW iPad ") and seeing that my contract was up for renewal at AT&T, a plan was beginning to form.

The only thing was, I had no cash for a new phone, so had to get some kind of FREE option which either meant replacing my 3Gs or possibly doing he unthinkable – migrating to Andoid.

I’m not too much of an Apple snob, but I certainly had become VERY accustomed to using the iOS and wasn’t sure I really wanted to bother rebuilding my app libraries, etc…

But I went ahead and dove it anyway,choosing a Samsung Nexus S, the "Google" phone.

It ends up being a GREAT choice. For starters, it has a fast chip and clock speed, a clean iteration of Android "Gingerbread" (and therefore should get the ICS update) without a bunch of AT&T "bloatwear" that can’t be uninstalled.

But not all was settled. I went to connect my Apple Bluetooth keyboard to start some blogging in Evernote but it just wouldn’t connect.

If this had happened on my iPhone it would have meant I’d have to shell out some cash to buy a compatible model. With my newfound Android freedom I was able to install BlueKeyboardJP and get to work.

Using Evernote to compose the blog (images included via the photo funcion) and getting the post exported to the blog using the "share via email" tool in Evernote. I can even add media because Posterous will render URLs from Vimeo, YouTube, Flickr and more as embedded media instead of URLS.  Like the link for this YouTube video for Trailer about a film a friend of mine is working on:

So there you have it.

I’ll be blogging some more about my experiences using these tools in the high pressure test environment of on of the world’s busiest tech conferences.

I’m looking forward to trying out Swype and even blogging using it’s Beta Dragon dictation integration.

Tips for using Android Gingerbread as a blogging tool? Comments below…


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