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If I had to cast and produce CS Lewis’ “Out of the Silent Planet” right now, here’s how I’d go:

Details: Estimated Budget 35 Million Possible Options for Director: Joe Carnahan 2011The Grey 2010The A-Team 2006Smokin’ Aces 2006Faceless (TV movie) 2002Ticker (short) 2002Narc Duncan Jones (II) 2011Source Code 2009Moon 2002Whistle (short) Rian Johnson Actors for the Lead Role: Top 5000 David Tennant (I) Actor | Soundtrack | Director David Tennant was born David John McDonald … Continue reading

The Illusion of Privacy in a World of Infinite Publics or Why you Should Never Say Certain Things on Facebook.

Certainly, it would seem, the world at large wants you to know that you need to be concerned about privacy when it comes to Facebook and other social sites, but what does that really mean?When lawyers talk about “privacy” and social networks, they are usually talking about user data, and when they talk about it … Continue reading